Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roll along...

We've been perfecting the ROLL lately!! Here is Lilly in mid-roll. She can go in any direction - left, right, to belly, to back...she is EVERYWHERE! Her little body twists and turns in some very strange directions. Al was playing with them this morning and she started scooting around. He said that if she would not have been on a blanket, she would have been across the floor. LOOK OUT! Griff is doing pretty well on rolling from belly to back in either direction, but has not really seemed interested in going from back to belly yet. It is quite comical to watch him as he tries to go over feet first, raising his lower torso about a foot off the ground, but then ends up rolling over by tilting his head and following that :)
And then we have Addison. She is just so content wherever she is. When we put her on her belly, she just plays there for awhile. She CAN roll to her back, just choses not to as much as the other two. She shows no interest in rolling to her belly from her back though.

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